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WE, THE CITIZENS, call on the City of Yuma to amend the City Charter in order that ARTICLE XIV Sec. 2 shall include the following:
(C) Use of fluoride.  No fluoride, nor any chemical containing or derived from fluorine, shall be added to the public water supply.

     Why must the City Charter be amended?
     This is why:
     Fluoride is a Class 4 poison.
     Fluoride is one of the most toxic, most reactive, most corrosive compounds on Earth.  Any child who ate a half-tube of fluoride-containing toothpaste absolutely would die a gruesome and painful death (if not immediately rushed to the ER, and immediately properly diagnosed, and immediately treated): hydrofluoric acid would literally dissolve the child's stomach, exactly as if the little girl or little boy had swallowed Drano rather than Crest. Every year, eight children die in this manner; every six weeks, somewhere in America, a toddler dies like this, shrieking and writhing in mortal agony. This tragic fact is never publicized, as the mainstream media does not want to cause panic – or alert the public to the danger of fluoride.
     Every day, hydrofluosilic acid – industrial waste purchased from China – is deliberately dumped into Yuma's drinking water.  This industrial waste has never been chemically tested: no one (except perhaps the Chinese manufacturer) knows what heavy metals, bio-organisms, pathogens, and other toxins are contained in the bags of Chinese hydrofluosilic acid dumped into your drinking water.
     However, the EPA knows that the fluoride compound which is dumped in Yuma's drinking water is toxic.  In 1984, an EPA spokesman said that using toxic waste to fluoridate drinking water is an ideal solution to the problem of hazardous waste disposal.

     The EPA has made it a federal crime to discharge fluoride into rivers – the very same fluoride that the City of Yuma dumps into your drinking water. In the past, it was American aluminum and fertilizer manufacturers who made money by selling their toxic waste to cities like Yuma – today, it's the Chinese who make money by off-loading their toxic waste in American water supplies.


     Swallowing fluoride to prevent tooth decay is like drinking tanning lotion to prevent sunburn.

     This is what happens to teeth exposed to fluoride.  


Evidence of fluorosis: damaged teeth

In America, 40% of teen-agers have fluorotic teeth – which explains why most dentists now specialize in cosmetic & orthodontic dentistry (bleaching & repairing fluoride-damaged teeth is big business). 


Fluoride causes degenerative diseases of bones & joints, as well as bone cancer


Hip fractures now afflict approximately 500,000 (half-a-million) elderly every year.  Fifty years ago – before public water systems were fluoridated – brittle bones and fractures among the elderly were very rare. 

     Before fluoride was used poison people, it was used to kill rats & cockroaches.   Fluoride is a neurotoxin.
Fluoride is a neurotoxin.
Fluoride, a neurotoxin, causes developmental problems (low-IQ), behavioral problems (ADHD), & brain plaque (Alsheimers).

Fluoride causes scoliosis
Two or three of every 100 Americans suffers from some degree of scoliosis – caused by water fluoridation.

     In 1925, Johns Hopkins researcher E. V. McCollum found that the ingestion of fluorine in amounts only slightly higher than average natural background level markedly disturbs the structure of the teeth, and in 1930, scientist and fluoride-researcher H. V. Smith stated: mottling is a visible indicator of systemic fluoride poisoning and, no matter how mild the mottling, it is an external sign of internal distress.
     Although proponents of fluoridation admit that fluoride causes fluorosis (brittle, crumbling, mottled, stained teeth), they claim that is is merely a minor cosmetic effect & of no importance; however, literally thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies (vide A Bibliography of Scientific Literature on Fluoride) have proven that no level of fluoride ingestion is safe.  In addition to damaging the teeth, fluoride visibly damages the bones and causes bone cancer, while causing invisible damage to joints.  A hormone-disrupter, fluoride attacks the glands, particularly the pineal gland; by attacking the pituitary gland, fluoride causes hypothyroidism, lack of energy, & obesity.  Fluoride attacks the neurological system including the brain, reducing IQ, causing behavioral problems including ADHD, and creates brain plaque symptomatic of dementia & Alsheimers.
     Once ingested, fluoride accumulates in the bones and teeth, where it becomes a permanent part of the body.  As it is excreted extremely slowly, it takes months to excrete what is ingested in a day and, meanwhile, every day, more is ingested. In 2006, The National Research Council released a report on fluoride stating that drinking 1 ppm fluoridated water for just two years accumulates fluoride in bones to 2,500 ppm; the effect is irreversible and increases for the life of the consumer. Some people who live in fluoridated cities (such as Yuma) have levels as high as 12,000 ppm fluoride in their bones. Fluoride cannot be removed by boiling water (boiling concentrates it).  Because the compound fluoride is unstable & easily breaks down into the element fluorine – whose molecular weight is smaller than that of water – fluoride cannot be removed by reverse-osmosis or by distillation.
     Fluoridation of public water supplies is illegal in most European countries, as it is seen to be cumpulsory (involuntary) mass medication which violates fundamental human rights.  Ironically, because fluoride lowers children's IQ and causes many degenerative diseases, fluoridation is illegal in China – which is why the Chinese send their industrial waste containing hydrofluosilic acid  to America, where it ends up in your drinking water.

     The fact is: anyone who tells you that fluoride is good for you is either lying or is ignorant of any of the more than 5,000 scientific studies on fluoride-toxicity.  It is foolish to trust your health and the health of your family, pets, and livestock to some expert who tells you that poison is good for you.
     Once fluoride is dumped in your drinking water; it cannot be removed, not by boiling, not by distillation, not by reverse osmosis: F [fluorine] is smaller than H2O ... it's like trying to keep flies out with chicken wire ... poisonous F passes right through.
     Once fluoride is in your body, it is there forever, eating away at your teeth, your bones, your joints, your hormonal system (causing hypothyroidism, sluggishness, and obesity) and, perhaps most cruelly, your neurological system causing not only lowered IQ but also the syndrome called ADHD and the disease known as Alsheimer's.
     The only solution is to vote to stop dumping fluoride in Yuma's water.

     Responsible adults do not poison their children.

     For your children ...
          For your pets & livestock ...
               For Mother Earth ...
                     For your own health ...
                    Because you care

VOTE: November 2013

Fluoride-Free Yuma Initiative
WE, THE CITIZENS, call on the City of Yuma to amend the City Charter in order that  ARTICLE XIV Sec. 2 shall include the following:
(C ) Use of fluoride.  No fluoride, nor any chemical containing or derived from fluorine, shall be added to the public water supply.

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